BIG4 Holiday Parks


What was the brief/challenge?

BIG4 Holiday Parks offers holiday experiences in over 180 holiday parks across Australia. It operates under a co-operative business model.

Key objectives:

  • Improving brand awareness and perception
  • Communicate BIG4's brand values to customers
  • Extending BIG4's already strong SEO position to increase traffic
  • Increase bookings both locally and overseas
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve content, booking and data management

Design and technical challenges:

  • Overcome legibility issues with the brand identity on mobile devices
  • Aspects of the brand identity had evolved over time and were inconsistent
  • Deliver a rich customer experience across all devices whilst maintaining performance and conversion benchmarks
  • Combine 3 different booking experiences and systems into a single optimised design
  • Provide a consistent BIG4 brand experience whilst allowing parks to promote their individual offering
  • To appeal to the Chinese market
  • Each individual park needs to be able to manage their own area of the website, from content to bookings. BIG4 needs to maintain control of quality and brand consistency.
  • Reduce the amount of time required to maintain the website for parks and BIG4 central office

The website was evolving in response to increasing customer expectations for over 7 years. The demand for richer content and online bookings on any device was evident. Mobile traffic has also grown from 2% to over 60% in that time. Mobile bookings were non-existant 7 years ago.

How did we meet the brief/challenge? (as at May 2016)

The website was rebuilt to unify the public website into a single responsive design.

Behind the public BIG4 website is a custom web application. 180 individual parks use this application to manage their own website. This model of a distributed authoring has been a cornerstone of the BIG4 strategy. Getting the balance between park autonomy and brand compliance is critical.

The web application includes:

  • A suite of 14 different applications integrated with 15 external APIs
  • A centrally managed workflow and approvals system to maintain brand integrity
  • A comprehensive extranet caters for park communications, documentation, marketing information, reporting and ordering systems. These tools empowers parks to improve their marketing and increase operational efficiency. It also allows parks to share knowledge and collaborate.

The solution addressed the brief as follows:

  • A refreshed brand identity that increases impact and usability across print and digital. New brand guidelines to keep the brand strong.
  • Extension of brand guidelines into a digital design system. The design system makes use of consolidated styles and user interface components. This provides for streamlined maintenance, re-use and consistency in the user experience.
  • Flexible content areas and page templates allows individual parks to customise their experience. The balance between the individual parks needs and BIG4's brand integrity is maintained.
  • User testing across mobile and desktop to reduce friction and barriers to conversion.
  • Specific landing pages designed for the unique needs of the Chinese market. These landing pages are complemented with a feed from the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse. A rich, yet low maintenance Chinese experience.
  • A meticulously planned content and SEO migration/optimisation plan
  • Three separate booking APIs are integrated providing a consistent booking experience across all parks.
  • Performance testing and optimisation throughout the entire development lifecycle.

The new consolidated hosting environment has improved reliability on a load balanced infrastructure.

What was the result? (as at October 2015)

The results have exceeded expectations.

  • Brand awareness now up to 74% (up from 65%)
  • Traffic up by 10% YoY
  • Conversion rate up by 13% YoY
  • Revenue up by 7% YoY (Last 3 months up 16%)
  • Chinese revenue up by 890% YOY

The website has been well received by all stakeholders.

Looking to the future, the new .NET MVC backbone and digital design system has positioned BIG4 for continued growth and success.


Expertise Used

  • Digital strategy
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • eCommerce
  • Content Management System
  • API integration
  • Mobile site
  • SEO / Email marketing
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Social media integration

“We are pleased to have Lemonade as a key member of our team, their vision and delivery of our online and interactive strategies have cemented BIG4 into the position of the unequivocal leader in the Holiday Park industry”

Kari Hunter Marketing Manager - BIG4 Holiday Parks

330% increase in non-paid
search traffic from 2009-2012

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