• Plan

    Deciding what to do and in what order.

    We run workshops and research to get to know your customer, your people and your processes. We synthesise all we find into practical tools and guide rails.

    Behavioural personas Lemonade develop personas with a focus on the needs, motivations and pain-points of customers.

    Keyword research Our team researches the search terms that people use to find you and your competitors. This information helps protect your current traffic and maximise new opportunities.

    Customer journey maps A journey map tells the story of the complete customer experience. We use them to understand the users context, identifying gaps and opportunities.

    Roadmaps Roadmaps create an informed plan of what to do and when.

    Digital Project Management We manage the process from end-to-end. Get in the right people at the right time. Report status. Manage risk, timelines and budgets.

  • Create

    Designing beautiful mobile optimised responsive websites.

    Developing high-performing digital solutions.

    Delivering engaging user experiences that enhance your brand and the promises it makes.

    Digital first branding Too often we see brand identities ill-equipped for digital. A digital-first approach provides resilience across digital and traditional applications.

    Information Architecture We organise, structure and label content to match user needs.

    User Experience design We use wireframes to show possible layout, content and functionality. They allow us to collaborate and refine ideas. Our designs create a lasting impression to tell your story and better serve your customers.

    Development Let's build it. We have an experienced team to build web applications, implement Content Management Systems, and develop integrated solutions.

  • Optimise

    You're in it for the long haul, so are we.

    Let's protect what's working.

    Let's strive for continuous improvement.

    Monitoring Lemonade can design reports to protect your successes mitigate risks and reveal opportunities.

    User testing Are we delivering on customer needs? What are the barriers? What can be better? User testing is the most effective way to find insights and answer these questions.

    Ongoing support We are here to support you after launch. Lemonade keeps your software up-to-date and supports you to continually improve outcomes.

    Audits We can assess your current website - or a part of your site. Are you getting found? Is your content accessible? Is it well written and using clear language? Are there barriers? Is the site usable? Are people taking the right actions? What is the competition up to? Any opportunities? Can we do better?

  • Training

    We'll equip your team with digital know-how.

    • Tailored documented digital processes
    • A digital delivery framework that improves digital effectiveness and governance
    • Ensure that when staff leave their knowledge with past successes and failures doesn't leave with them

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